SERC Physical Therapy Partners with General Cable to Offer Onsite First Aid Services

SERC Physical Therapy has partnered with General Cable to offer on-site first-aid services in order to improve and maintain workers’ health and wellness.

This will provide employees convenient access to care by a licensed physical therapist at no cost to the employee.

Brandon Fletcher, DPT, ATC, MBA, will treat workers as needed. He treats a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain and knee pain. He also provides concussion recovery and strength and performance training.

On-site accessibility to healthcare allows for immediate access to care and can reduce overall health care costs for both the employee and employer.

On-site care can also decrease the over prescription of opioid medication; it allows access to pain relief that address the issue at the source.

Fletcher graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Mo. and has worked with the school district in Odessa as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Fletcher sits on the board as secretary of the Northwest District Missouri Physical Therapy Association and serves as a Clinical Preceptor for the athletic training program at the University of Central Missouri.

BenchMark Physical Therapy Donates $30,000 to Bradley County Schools

BenchMark Physical Therapy has made a donation of $30,000 to Bradley County Schools athletic department. This donation has aided the school system with resources to install new jumbotron scoreboards at both Walker Valley High School and Bradley Central High School football fields.

David Harris, Vice President of Integrations with BenchMark Physical Therapy stated “We are proud to make this contribution to the school system in order to support the athletics departments that we serve as part of our sports medicine program.” BenchMark has provided sports medicine and athletic training services to both Walker Valley High School and Bradley Central High School for the last four consecutive years. Harris went on to say “Our outreach to these schools and the community are a valuable part of what we do at BenchMark.”

The new jumbotron scoreboards were installed at both schools prior to the 2017 football season and are now in use during games and events.

NW Sports PT’s Bruce Snell to Serve as Trainer for World Cup Qualifying Games

NW Sports PT is proud to have partner Bruce J. Snell serve as a physical therapist and athletic trainer for the Men’s National Team for two of the World Cup Qualifying Games.

Bruce J. Snell, MS, PT, SCS, ATC, will treat the USMNT for this portion of the fifth round of the qualifying tournament. The first game will be at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J. on Sept. 1. The second game will be at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Sept. 5.

Snell has a host of experience with both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams. He served as a physical therapist and athletic trainer for the USMNT for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as well as the Soccer World Cup in Seoul in 2002 and in Germany in 2006. In 2011, he served as a USWNT’s physical therapist and athletic trainer for the women’s World Cup.

BenchMark Rehab Partners Continues Sponsorhip for IRONMAN® Chattanooga

BenchMark Physical Therapy continues as an official sponsor of the Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN® Chattanooga on May 21, 2017.

At the IRONMAN® Village at Ross’ Landing on Chattanooga’s riverfront, BenchMark will provide licensed physical therapists to stretch, care for and advise athletes Friday and Saturday May 19 and 20.

BenchMark was chosen as a sponsor for both the Little Debbie IRONMAN® and the Sunbelt IRONMAN® 70.3 competitions in Chattanooga from 2014-2017.