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  • Juvenile Arthritis month generates awareness
  • Better safe than sorry! Tips for how to stay safe this 4th of July
  • Seven simple ways to enjoy the long days of summer

Juvenile Arthritis month generates awareness

July is celebrated nationwide as Juvenile Arthritis month. Approximately 300,000 children across the United States suffer from the condition. If your little one is hurting, BenchMark offers care for those struggling with arthritis -at any age. kAiHcOIFT_lzs-bwM7fm-EFOqAkLtic6hFGyqEj73yg,gNr6vfpAdUhk-ubC1aWu8DzkbqRpz8-BU_mNwG4Nn1Q At the first visit, your physical therapist will perform the initial evaluation. He or she will evaluate the patient’s current status and create a plan of care. That plan of care is strategically designed especially for each patient. It may include any of the following:
  1. Appointments: consistent physical therapy appointments allow your therapist to keep track of your progress.
  2. Aquacizer: it is a treadmill immersed in the water to relieve the user of his or her weight to more freely move and stretch the body.
  3. Heat: temperature from electrical currents can kill the damaged cells, the cause of the pain.
  4. At-home-exercises: in your plan of care, your therapist will direct you in how to exercise safely at home.
However, each body is different and therefore will respond differently to each treatment. To set up an evaluation, find the closest BenchMark Rehab Partners clinic here.   References: Read More

Better safe than sorry! Tips for how to stay safe this 4th of July

July 4th is a time for celebration, relaxation and fun! But all moms know, safe fun is the best fun! When it comes to fireworks, it is always better to play it safe than sorry. Follow these tips to have a safe and fun weekend:
  • After purchasing, store the fireworks away from children and possible flammable objects.
  • Make sure to have access to water- just in case.
  • Go to an open area away from trees, homes or electrical wires. Double or even triple check; it could prevent a fire!
  • Put your pets where they feel comfortable for the night. Fireworks can go long into the early morning.
  • When all the fun is over, place the used fireworks in water to ensure   no possible fires.
In 2011, nearly 18,000 fires and 8 deaths were reported from the use of fireworks near the fourth of July holiday. In 2013, emergency rooms were filled with nearly 11,400 people with fireworks related injuries. Those with the most risk for injury are children younger than 4 and between 10-14. This year, remember: safety first!   References: Read More

Seven simple ways to enjoy the long days of summer


  Now that the official start of summer has passed, the days are as long as they will be all year. Get out and take advantage of the sunshine. Here are some ideas to make the most out of the dogs days of summer! Watch the sunrise: Once you are already up, you can enjoy a myriad of activities! Modify your exercise times:  Now that you have more hours of daylight, you have more workout options.  Due to the high heat of the day, move your daily workout time to either early morning or later evening hours.  There’s nothing like a brisk walk or steady run while you watch the sun rise! Picnic: Find some good shade trees, grab a blanket and some sandwiches. Don’t forget the watermelon! Get by the pool: With all the extra sun, your tan could really shine. And wear sunscreen: However, that extra sun can also leave you in pain for the next day. Be safe and cover up! Go see a movie: Even when it hits the hottest, the movie theaters are always the coolest. Throw a party: We are always using the excuse that we are too busy, but now that you have “more time” with more sunlight, spend it with your friends and family. Read More