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BenchMark Physical Therapy is the leading outpatient physical rehabilitation provider in the Southeast with superior expertise in Manual Therapy, proven more effective for many diagnoses.

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Convenience to physical therapy is important. When you choose a therapy provider close to home or work, you get better results because you’re more likely to complete your plan of care. We’re proud to bring the highest quality physical therapy throughout the Southeast, ensuring the best results for our patients.

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  • Seven simple ways to enjoy the long days of summer
  • Gardening tips for seniors
  • Physical therapy can reduce incontinence in men

Seven simple ways to enjoy the long days of summer


  Now that the official start of summer has passed, the days are as long as they will be all year. Get out and take advantage of the sunshine. Here are some ideas to make the most out of the dogs days of summer! Watch the sunrise: Once you are already up, you can enjoy a myriad of activities! Modify your exercise times:  Now that you have more hours of daylight, you have more workout options.  Due to the high heat of the day, move your daily workout time to either early morning or later evening hours.  There’s nothing like a brisk walk or steady run while you watch the sun rise! Picnic: Find some good shade trees, grab a blanket and some sandwiches. Don’t forget the watermelon! Get by the pool: With all the extra sun, your tan could really shine. And wear sunscreen: However, that extra sun can also leave you in pain for the next day. Be safe and cover up! Go see a movie: Even when it hits the hottest, the movie theaters are always the coolest. Throw a party: We are always using the excuse that we are too busy, but now that you have “more time” with more sunlight, spend it with your friends and family. Read More

Gardening tips for seniorsFemale girl senior outdoor watering can plant

With April showers long gone and May flowers in full bloom, it is the perfect time to get outside and gardening and tend to the lawn. For those with senior parents who love getting their hands dirty, remember these tips: -Before starting, walk around the yard to ensure there are no possible tripping hazards such as roots or sticks. -Keep cold water or fresh-squeezed lemonade easily available. -Encourage your parents to take frequent stretch breaks to relieve stiff muscles. -Use gardening tools to your advantage. Knee-pads and gardening benches can keep their legs off the ground, and wagons can transport heavy materials to and from the shed. -Or build a vertical or raised garden to eliminate their stooping altogether. -Keep your loved ones in the shade as much as possible to avoid fatigue from heat. -Finally, create a family tradition of gardening with your seniors. Have your kids come alongside their grandparents to help weed and plant in order to bloom new memories. After staying safe and having fun, enjoy your fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies!   Read More

Physical therapy can reduce incontinence in men

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men. Sometimes, a prostatectomy surgery is the solution to removing the cancer. Unfortunately, the surgery can lead to incontinence for many men. While some leaking is normal during the first few weeks of the healing process, many men experience it for months after. Prostatectomies alter the tissues that allow for urinary continence. Consequently, the pelvic floor muscles, PFM, at the base of the pelvis take over. They can either be very weak, too tight, or be uncoordinated, causing leakage. However, physical therapy has proven successful to resolving incontinence. First, the therapist will evaluate the functions of the PFM. Flexibility, mobility, and strength will first be assessed by a manual intrarectal exam. Also, biofeedback allows the therapist to measure strength, endurance and resting tone. Altogether, physical therapy for incontinence involves manual therapy, biofeedback, and strength and coordination training. The time of needed re-education of the PFM can significantly shorten if treatment is begun soon after the prostatectomy. Contact your local Benchmark Physical Therapy clinic today for further information or to set up an appointment. For more information, visit: Read More