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BenchMark Physical Therapy is the leading outpatient physical rehabilitation provider in the Southeast with superior expertise in Manual Therapy, proven more effective for many diagnoses.

We're committed to evidence-based techniques for improved results. That's why we have more advanced certified clinicians than any rehab provider in the region and patient outcomes that exceed national standards.

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Convenience to physical therapy is important. When you choose a therapy provider close to home or work, you get better results because you’re more likely to complete your plan of care. We’re proud to bring the highest quality physical therapy throughout the Southeast, ensuring the best results for our patients.

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  • BenchMark Rehab Partners Expands in Knoxville
  • Two members of the Cornett family battle cancer, but cancer loses
  • Benchmark physical therapist doubles as an IRONMAN®

BenchMark Rehab Partners Expands in Knoxville  

BenchMark Rehab Partners adds Marino Therapy Centers, a Knoxville based outpatient rehabilitation business, to their family of clinics.   September 14, 2015, Ooltewah, TN. BenchMark Rehab Partners of Ooltewah, TN. expanded its family of clinics in the Knoxville region on September 14, by adding Marino Therapy Centers to the BenchMark team. Ben Johnston, CEO of Marino Therapy Centers, said, “BenchMark and Marino Therapy Centers have worked side by side in the Knoxville market over the past 20 years. Benchmark’s approach to quality patient care and strong company culture is why they were our first choice when we decided to align forces.” David Myers, Sr. VP of Operations for BenchMark added, “We will leverage our collective genius, learn from each other, and become stronger for it.” Mary Jo Marino founded Marino Therapy Centers in 1977 in Knoxville, Tenn. with the philosophy of “patients first, business second” in order to foster a caring and compassionate environment. Even through opposition from those who discouraged her from starting her own business in the heyday of hospital-based physical therapy, she grew the business over the years.   Through this alignment, each Marino clinic will take on the Benchmark name. With both company cultures already being parallel to each other, this combination will create a greater opportunity in the Knoxville community for both patients and clinicians.   BenchMark Rehab Partners is a leading national outpatient physical therapy organization that began in 1995 with one clinic in Ooltewah, Tenn. Today, they have over 200 locations with 8 brands throughout Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Managed by a team of physical therapists, clinicians choose to partner with BenchMark for their culture, administrative services support, clinician excellence and strategic positioning.  BenchMark continues to expand through partnerships with leading Read More
Left to right: Naomi, Norah, Robert, Graham, Sarahlyn, and Grace-Blythe.

Left to right: Naomi, Norah, Robert, Graham, Sarahlyn, and Grace-Blythe.

Two members of the Cornett family battle cancer, but cancer loses

  For Robert Cornett, life comes at him in either twos or in halves. He played two years of minor league baseball. He and his wife both accomplished half IRONMAN® triathlons. Then his family was nearly broken in half; his two year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. Then he was the second in his family to fight cancer. No matter what life throws at him, Robert Cornett is not going down without a fight. Cornett is a regional director for Benchmark Physical Therapy where he oversees eight clinics, coordinates with sales, marketing and other management and practices as a physical therapist. Basically, he does it all. Not only that, but he is a husband to his wife Sarahlyn and a father to four girls: Grace, Naomi, Norah and Graham. Cornett grew up as a self-proclaimed jock, ­playing baseball, basketball and football. He played baseball throughout college at North Georgia College then went to play for the Toronto Blue Jays as a first baseman and catcher. He tore a ligament in his elbow, forcing him to have Tommy John surgery. Time off from baseball allowed him the opportunity to go back to PT school where he met his wife, Sarahlyn. After getting married, beginning practicing physical therapy and starting a family, the couple trained and completed a few triathlons as well as a handful of half IRONMAN® competitions together. Robert also finished an IRONMAN® with a group of friends in Florida. He said, “It was six months’ worth of grueling training, early mornings, long Saturdays and Sundays but was such a great experience to come across that finish line knowing what I had accomplished. “I think all this helped Read More

Kim Humprhries.Benchmark physical therapist doubles as an IRONMAN®

It all started as a joke. Kim Humphries and her friend were throwing around the idea of doing an IRONMAN® one February night in Alabama in 2010. By October, they had crossed the finish line, and heard those infamous words, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN.” Nowadays, Kim isn’t throwing the idea around anymore; she is conquering the competition. Since 2010, Kim has completed 8 IRONMAN® competitions along with a handful of IRONMAN® 70.3 races, but she’s not stopping anytime soon. Kim’s next IRONMAN® will be August 30 in Muskoka, Canada followed by the Louisville race on October 11. In preparation for the events, she trains with the Velo Vixens, a women’s triathlon racing group in Chattanooga, Tenn. Overall, her favorite part of competing is training with others. The group keeps her motivated and inspired; they are her support group. However, when she doesn’t have a fellow Velo Vixen on the course with her, she is not without support. She said the race starts as an individual competition, with each man for himself. The air is nothing short of competitive and aggressive. However, beginning in the run, camaraderie abounds. “During the course, people change,” Kim said. “The atmosphere changes.” Fellow athletes will rally together to become one. They will encourage and cheer on each other. No one gets left behind. What started as a joke is now one of Kim’s proudest accomplishments. As an official sponsor of the event, BenchMark Physical Therapy is also proud to call her one of our own. Read More